Sunday, April 13, 2014

Stash Report

It's a beautiful April weekend and if I were a gardener I'd be out in the yard doing some Spring cleaning up and garden prepping. But I'm not. I will enjoy a nice long walk and pay for it after I've breathed in all the pollen in the air. But it will be worth it.

Not much else will be done today other than pouring lots of lovin on our sweet rottweiler, Doenja. This is probably her last day with us as she is rapidly losing her battle with osteosarcoma (bone cancer). I'm dehydrating from all the tears. Ds #3, Chris, came home to spend the weekend with her and she is definitely enjoying every minute of his time.

I will spend some time working on paper pieced BOM #4 while the Masters is on.

Starr Design's Winter Solstice

Stash Report

I bought some charms packs this week to cut up into 2 inch charms. These will add a bit of modern color to my mix of very traditional fabrics.

Purchased this week: 2 yards
Purchased year to date: 22.75 yards

Used this week:  3.5 yards
Used year to date: 29.25 yards

Net used:  6.5 yards - still in the black

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Scrap Happy Saturday

How can it be the 12th of April already? Seriously? Well, there is no way I'm am going to do very well with my goals this month but I am having fun anyway. I've been cutting and cutting and cutting. My GO cutter is tired. 2 inch squares! My best guess is that I have cut about 3400 squares. About 1500 to go. No problem.

I've also been sewing a bit. 5 - 100 square blocks. Those are 15 1/2" blocks

I'm loving this project. Five done, 44 to go. Hmmm, may get tired of it before 44 more.

I have worked somewhat on my April goals. My primary objective was to get several things from the list kitted because I will be babysitting dgd, Paige, for several days while her parents go on a vacation before the baby arrives (babymoon). I'll be able to sew while she's at daycare.
  • Winter Solstice paper pieced BOM - block #4 - cut out and some piecing
  • Quilt Beyond Borders - purple charity quilt top - cut out
  • 3 postage stamp blocks - pieced - plenty cut out
  • Rainbow Scrap Challenge - Two Purple bags - "fabric" pieced
I am noticing a major theme here - squares! Plain, simple squares. Yup, I'm loving the simplicity, crispness of them. No thinking involved. They make awesome leader enders. 

Maybe tomorrow I'll get some longarming done. Maybe. 

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