Monday, July 25, 2011

Design Wall Monday

This week I am working on a fabric high chair/chair restraint for dgd, Paige. I got the pattern from It worked up quickly following the very clear instructions they put on YouTube.

Having had 4 boys that are all now 18 thru 31 years old, I don't have any dolls to use as models. We don't even have any stuffed animals left around. So, use your imagination with the squishy pillow I bought for it's pellets.

I will be spending the next 2 days with Paige and will probably be tweaking the pattern a bit. Then I will make a second one to send to them to keep in their car for restaurant use.

Stash Report - 7/24/11

I've been pretty good the last few weeks - not an angel but pretty good. I only bought 2 yards of fabric to make a couple of fabric high chairs like the one at All Free Sewing. I've made one (1 yard used) and I love how it came out. If it actually functions well with dgd, Paige,
then I'll make the second one. I am meeting Nicole and Paige in DC on Tuesday and Wednesday. They are flying up from Florida and I will watch Paige while Nicole job interviews and we will also be looking for an apartment for them. They move north Labor Day weekend so the search for an apartment is getting down to the wire.

I'll get to try out the fabric high chair (1 yard used) cuz we'll be eating out all meals.

I also completed one of the casserole carriers - 2 yards.

Stash Report
Used the past weeks: 3 yards
Used year to date: 62.25 yards 

Added the past weeks: 2 yards
Added year to date: 92.75 yards

Net used in 2011: -30.50 yards (not good but could be worse)

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Back to business

I've been having computer trouble. Although I could still check and send emails, I couldn't do much else. This poor laptop has been moving as slow as molasses and couldn't open pictures. However an hour at the fabulous Genius Bar at the Apple Store and, I hope, my little MacBook is back in business.

Everyone has been talking about the heat; too hot to cook, too hot to garden, too hot to quilt. Record breaking heat in the Northeast. Never ever seen temperatures this high. 106 degrees yesterday!! Thank heavens for air conditioning and thank heavens for all of our utility workers who kept our electricity going so we could have air conditioning. Now what's the last thing one would want to do during a heat wave? Turn on the oven, right? But I had a craving for chocolate chip cookies (a daily problem). And Chips Ahoy just wouldn't do. So, I turned on the oven and baked a batch. The kitchen/family room went from a comfortable 74° to a very uncomfortable (for this raging hormoned, perimenopausal woman) 78°. But it was so worth it.

I am absolutely addicted to chocolate chip cookies - most definitely my favorite food! And although I make a pretty good chocolate chip cookie I am still searching for the perfect cookie. I want it to be crispy on the outside but chewy on the inside. And I don't want it to be FLAT!! Today I tried Best Chocolate Chip Cookies from I followed the recipe exactly and straight out of the oven the cookies are delicious but what chocolate chip cookie isn't delicious warm?

Once cooled they taste VERY good but they are chewy without the crisp (but is that because of the humidity, although with the air conditioning the inside humidity is 50%). And they are flat! On a scale of 1-10, I would give them a 6. Trust me, I will still enjoy eating them. This recipe, though, is not "The One". I may try them again in the winter.

I will continue on my quest for the perfect cookie. Next up, Urban Legend Chocolate Chip Cookies. Any suggestions of your perfect cookie?

Edit: Chris and Pat (ds's 3 & 4) say these are the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever made. Today, the second day, they are crumbly chewy. Definitely not my choice but I'm glad they are happy.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I have finished the few projects that I've recently been working on (what a strange thing to be able to say) so I guess on my design wall today will be my UFO #2. It is my Christmas Pineapple Blossom made using Bonnie Hunter's pattern. And it's a monster. If I remember correctly it's over 100" each side. (The picture only shows what one person was able to hold up. haha) The blocks were all made during a swap and I finished the top Christmas 2009. I want to give it to Tim and Nicole at Thanksgiving so they can enjoy using it this Christmas season.

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stash Report - Week 27 - 7/3/11

Every time I make some progress in the sewing room I seem to think I need to reward myself by shopping for fabric. This past week I finished the binding on the Yellow Taxi Cab. WooHoo. Four yards for the backing and binding. Great.

Then Friday was the first day of July and I thought, "Christmas in July!" Made me think of all the Christmas presents I need to make. This year I am hoping to be making 15 casserole carriers (as seen Here, Here, and the tutorial Here) and I'm not thrilled with the fabric I have for them so far. What's a girl to do? Luckily my good friend Joyce was happy to accompany me to Joanns so I could acquire some very pretty fabric. Eight yards of pretty fabric.

I started looking at fabric for the linings of the carriers and decided that I had tons of muslin that would work very nicely. (I'll probably change my mind about that and buy some more pretty fabric for the linings the next time I reward myself for finishing a project. LOL)

Stash Report
Used the past week: 4 yards
Used year to date: 59.25 yards 

Added the past week: 8 yards
Added year to date: 90.75 yards

Net used in 2011: -31.50 yards (not good but could be worse)

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

June Monochromatic Challenge - indigo

The month ended and my indigo purse is finished. Woot. What a comedy of errors it was. You know how when you have made something several times you start to move thru the steps without concentrating - you know how to do it, after all!!! And that's exactly when you start to make all the errors. This bag had gone together sooo smoothly and quickly. I went to take a picture of the inside of the "finished" bag and right away noticed that the pockets of one side were on upside down. (Sorry, in my exasperation I didn't actually take the picture). So much for smoothly and quickly. A couple of hours later it was done, again.

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