Friday, May 14, 2021

April Goals

April has had its ups and downs.  Two out of four weeks were rough so I didn't accomplish as much as I might have hoped but under the circumstances I have gotten a good amount done.  

These were my goals at the beginning of April

Crayon Box Stash buster Random UFO Challenge #7-1 

This was started in 2010

When I pulled out the project box I discovered 84 blocks.

I divided them into cool and warm colors. This is the progress I made in April.

I will continue stitching it to a top and then add it ti the "to be quilted" queue.

Pink Rail Fence Stashbuster Random UFO Challenge #7-2 DONE

This quilt was made using the beautiful fabrics donated to us back in 2018. We cut 2 1/2" strips and this simple rail fence kit was prepared. The quilt top was probably pieced in 2019 and then sat in the queue waiting to be quilted. That finally happened in April. 

                  I used a white Superior thread for the quilting. 
As usual, I did a simple meander for ease of my muscles and quickest time.

I had a lovely green in my stash to use for the backing.  And had a pink fabric used in the front to use for the binding.

This quilt will be donated to Quilts That Care

Red Four Patches Stashbuster Random UFO Challenge #73

    This quilt top was made in 2004!!! Oh my, seems like yesterday! I had no pattern for it. Saw a picture somewhere and did my own version of it.

It sat in the "waiting to be quilted queue" till maybe 2018 at which point I did one pass on the long arm and discovered that the batting was bearding  ugh  

Took it off the long arm and it has sat since then waiting to be “frogged”

       I think I will bring it with me to my next infusion day and try not to get too many little threads on their floor.  haha

Anyway, it did not get touched in April.

Jelly Roll  Heartstring Precut Challenge: Black and White Rail Fence

The Heartstring challenge precut for April was the infamous Jelly Roll. I have tons of them and also have cut lots and lots of 2 1/2" strips over the years.

I am trying to make masculine quilts whenever I start a new project as Quilts That Care never has enough masculine quilts. 

So I pulled black and white 2 1/2" strips and a nice blue from my stash. I made simple rail fence and "happy blocks". This quilt top worked up quickly but unfortunately did not make it on the long arm.

I think I need to have a quilting marathon one of these weeks.

This quilt top is 54x62 and will be donated to Quilts That Care.

Leader Enders March's color was Blue 


RSC 36 Patch - DONE



RSC Jackie Kunkel's Color Guard - DONE





30 Pillowcases Serged: DONE

In 2020 Joyce and I kitted up 100 pillowcases. Then this year I have been making it one of my goals to get 10 pillowcases tubed and sewn each month. You can read about tubing a pillowcase at MSQC HERE

              After three months of tubing pillowcases I pulled out my serger in April and I finished the 30 cases.

The majority of these were boy or neutral fabrics as there always seems to be more cute girly fabrics submitted than boy or masculine ones.

A few little girl fabrics but I think only 4.

This first batch will be delivered to the local chapter of Ryan's Case for Smiles sometime in June.

Quilting for QTC - DONE

I quilted and bound the second of four tops sent to me by Susan of MD. Jo Kramer at Jo's Country Junction hooked us up. Susan did a beautiful job on this top. 

This is the adorable fabric that Susan started with.

She used the 4 Patch Posie pattern (I couldn't find a link to it). She says the blocks look like One Block Wonders but with a four patch. I found a tutorial for it at Connecting Threads called Kaleidoscope - Four Patch Block.

I found a perfect fleece aqua backing in my stash to compliment the sashing of the front. I quilted this with Signature Cream in a medium meander. I also found fabric for the binding and stitched it on with a zig zag.

   It was such a treat to receive this top from Susan. It was so well made and beautifully pressed. That is pure pleasure to a longarmer.

It is 50x62. It will be donated to Quilts that Care.

3 Yard Quilt

The Heartstring group started chatting about 3 yard quilts. You can read about them at

                     Somehow I jumped on that bandwagon. Can anyone say "Squirrel!"                          
          Again I tried to make it with masculine colors. 
         It only took one day to make but it did not make it to the longarm.

It is 44x60 and will be donated

That's it for April.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

March Goals

 I started treatments February 15th and the side effects have been tolerable but some days I am too shaky, weak and dizzy to accomplish all of my goals. I say that these side effects are much better than I feared With that said March was a pretty good month.

My goals for March were only somewhat accomplished as I spent a good part of the month finishing up February 

I’ve been keeping index cards near my sewing station to help me stay focused and on track  It also helps to keep the squirrels away 

Mini Bright 9 patches Stashbuster Random UFO Challenge: #10-1 

This project was started in 2019 using scraps left over after cutting many, many projects from the beautiful fabric we had donated to us. I cut the scraps into 1 1/2" strips and went from there. When I pulled the project out this month it only needed the corner half square triangles attached to the top.

 Then I pieced a blue fabric I had for the backing for the backing and, 
as usual, did a medium meander.

I had a nice teal fabric the binding,

 Quick finish. This one is 70x88.
I haven't decided where this quilt's final home will be.

Yellow/Striped flannel  Stashbuster Random UFO Challenge: #10-2

This quilt top has been sitting waiting to be quilted for at least 20 years. The striped fabric had been the leftover from a backing. And red flannel had been chosen for the backing.  And then it sat. It is finally quilted and bound. This one is 52x64 and will be donated.

And red flannel had been chosen for the backing. And red flannel backing had even been made. 

This one is 52x64 and will be donated.

Crayon Box Stashbuster Random UFO Challenge: #2

I pulled this project out. It is 84 blocks. I came up with a plan to use some of them but am waiting for some sashing fabric to be delivered. Amazingly enough it has been pulled again for April as #7.  This will be worked on again in April.

Scraps Heartstring Precut Challenge 

I decided to use up my bin of homespun 1 1/2" strips as scraps that had been cut for my Homespun  Spinning Strings finished in January. 

Homespun Spinning Strings

I used Sarah Craig's idea of starting a jelly roll race but stopping after the strip is 8 fabrics wide and then cutting that into squares. Read about it at Confessions of a Scrap Addict. 

The top is finished but did not get quilted yet. 
It's about 64x64 and will be donated.

Leader Enders March's color was Green

      RSC 36 Patch -  Green block made

      RSC Jackie Kunkel's Color Guard - 7 Green blocks made

10 Pillowcases: Done

       I have about 100 pillowcases cut out (with the help of my friend Joyce) and am goaling to finish 10 a month. Oops, no pictures


I quilted and bound one of four tops sent to me by Susan of MD. Jo Kramer at Jo's Country Junction hooked us up. Susan did a beautiful job on this top. It is such a treat to receive a top to quilt that is well made and very nicely pressed.

The focus fabric is a beautiful peacock design. 

This is the original peacock fabric

The blocks look like a One Block Wonder but with a four patch. I found a tutorial for it at Connecting Threads called Kaleidoscope - Four Patch Block

Susan was kind enough to include some backing fabric in with the tops and I used one of the pieces for the back. I quilted it with Mother Goose Signature thread in a medium meander. I found a binding fabric in my stash. 

This was a very fun project to work on. It finished at 59x80. 

It will be donated to Quilts that Care.

That's it for March. I certainly hope to get April Goals documented in a more timely fashion.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

February Goals

I have completed my quilting goals for February. I realize that it is now mid March but once I had these projects pulled it became my goal to finish them.

Square Play Stashbuster Random UFO Challenge: #4-1

This is Becky Petersen's Square Play found in the Free Pattern section at I started this quilt in early 2020 before the pandemic.  It was a great project to use up a huge bin of 2" squares I had. Mask making got in the way for many months but I had it listed as one of my #4s to finish up this year. It needed the last three rows attached (including making all the sashing) as well as the border. I am thrilled have this happy quilt finished. It is 83x97". 

Jungle Rainbow Stashbuster Random UFO Challenge: #4-2

This is a pattern I have made many times. Take a fun juvenile fabric as your focus. Add several coordinating tone on tones and you have a quick, bright child's quilt. This one was started in 2019 and was  a completed top waiting to be quilted.  It is 62x79. This will be a donation.

Maxi skirt conversion Stashbuster Random UFO Challenge Large: #60

This project started out as a Maxi skirt I purchased at Jennifer Paganelli's Sis Boom home sale. It was marked way down and I saw all those squares.  I took off the waist band, opened a side seam, let out the hem and voila! I was able to find the border on Etsy.  It is 58x84".

Half Square Triangles Heartstring Precut Challenge:

Always looking for an opportunity to use some of my thousands of 5" charms from years of swapping, I grabbed the stack of 1930 repros along with white Kono cotton and came up with this simple design. It is 49x65". This will be a donation.

Notice the bottom row. I put it on upside down!! 😕
Didn't notice till fully quilted, bound and pictured.
The bottom row will be removed and it will then be used as a table runner.

Leader Enders February's color was Yellow

RSC 36 Patch: 

RSC Jackie Kunkel's ColorGuard:

10 Pillowcases: Done