Friday, December 31, 2010

Sewing Room cleanup - Befores

Before I can start to do any sewing I need to clear a space to set up my sewing machine. All of my Christmas projects were worked on either on retreat or with the Friday Quilters. My sewing room has once again become a major catchall for all the remains of many, many projects. Do I dare show before pics? Sure, I love to see step by step signs of progress and boy, does this room need progress.


This is a view of the room from the door. Under that huge mound is the ironing counter.

Wouldn't my sewing table look better with the Bernina on it instead of all that mess?

Cutting station is actually not that bad.

After - Stage 1 - Sewing table is usable again. I love my Bernina 1090.
Hoping to make more progress soon.


Mary said...

You are a Brave,brave woman! No before pictures over here. I had to use the stairs to take my picture of the totes of my UFO's didn't you notice...LOL

Jocelyne said...

My sewing room is a disaster also but I would not dare take pictures... even for my own viewing.

I love your sewing table/cabinet. Seems to have a lot of drawer space. Can you tell me where you purchased it? I think this would solve a lot of my 'little things' that seem to gather here and there..

Melinda said...

Jocelyne, I bought the sewing cabinet in 1978 so I don't think it would be much help to you. But as a note, I took off the door that was in front of those drawers. It made the cabinet fit better in my tiny room. You might keep that in mind as you look for what would work for you.

Kathy said...

wow Melinda-what a mess-lol. But I know how many presents you make for christmas so I am surprised it isn't worse.
I did not get a list done so just have to guess at something to work on-but today is basketball and then the Rose Bowl so hard to sew while watching sports.