Thursday, February 3, 2011

Year of the PIGS - 2/2/11

Jill has asked us to dig deep into our souls to honestly answer the question: "Why you put PIGS and UFOs to the side?".

I would have to say that there are many reasons:
  1. Swaps - This by far the number #1 reason. I love participating in block swaps and have a wonderful online group of friends that frequently swaps blocks. I often agree to participate in the swap even though I know I shouldn't because of current projects or the knowledge that these blocks will become part of the UFO pile.
  2.  Excitement - New projects are just more exciting than old ones. And surfing blogs exposes me to way too many new ideas.
  3.  Special Occasions - birthdays, weddings, babies, etc.
  4.  Boredom -Especially when I get to the parts that I find most tedious - borders and quilting.
  5.  Shopping - I used to get sucked into the appeal of kits but I have never made one of those kits. They were convenient but they were never completely me.
I can't think of any other reasons. I'm sure a "shrink" would say we all have A.D.D. and put us on ritalin.

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Mary said...

Yep you got that right. Quilter ADD. Chocolate helps though, not medication.

Kate said...

I'd have to agree with Mary, Chocolate would have to be my perferred solution to the ADD!

Kathy said...

They are all really good reasons I think and probalbly the same ones most of us use. I have been cleaning out my fabric boxes/piles/drawers and am embarrassed to see how much I have that I will probably never use or won't have time to use.

Tracy said...

Borders and quilting...that sounds like me!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I always have fear of quilting and binding, so I often leave projects after piecing. I guess I fear that I'll mess them up...

jillquilts said...

I think that Quilter's ADD is a growing problem! lol