Sunday, April 17, 2011

Stash Report - week #16 - 4/17/11

No sewing done this week, except with the Friday girls. We had family here the beginning of the week, then the rest of the week I worked on everyone's taxes. Ugh. Tonight I write the checks. Yes, I am a tax procrastinator. I don't mind paying taxes but I am not handing it in any earlier than necessary. :)

There won't be any fabric "used" for the next several weeks. I've been battling pain in my right elbow for quite some time.
"You have tennis elbow", says the sports medicine doctor (dh).
What!?!? I don't play tennis!!
"You can get tennis elbow from sewing."
I didn't get the memo. So what do I do??
"Ice, ibuprofen, and total rest, no sewing."
"Yup, NO sewing."
For how long?
"Until it's better. Maybe a MONTH."

You know there are times when you don't get any sewing done for a while but that is sooooo different from being told you CAN'T. Sigh. Fine, I'll get caught up on my crocheting. "Nope, not that either." What?

Well, after much consideration I decided I had two options:

 1) Sew with the pain cuz I really want to sew - I have summer sundresses to make for the precious granddaughter.
"That's up to you but it can become chronic and never go away."
I just wanted to stick my tongue out at him. :)

2) Spend the next month finishing the reorganization of the sewing room.
"That would be a much better idea."

So since dh is still recouping from his surgery, we are going to watch "Hereafter" and I am going to organize this pile.

Most of these are pictures and patterns I have ripped out of magazines or printed off the internet over the last year or so. I put them in clear sheet protectors I pick up by the box at Staples.

I then put them in one of these binders that are divided into categories mostly by pattern; like baby, juvenile, nickel, strips, inspiration, applique (as if), etc.

This gorgeous one from RedPepperQuilts will go into the Inspiration Binder.

Now if I can just resist buying fabric over the next month it will be OK.

Stash Report
Used the past week: 0 yards
Used year to date: 28.5 yards 

Added the past week: 0 yards
Added year to date: 32 yards

Net used in 2011: -3.5 yards.

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SpinningStar said...

Organization is good... gives you time to think about what's next on the list of things to do.

I need to thin out my collection of tear-outs, magazines, etc...but later...after taxes!


Mary said...

sorry the dr told you no sewing. I wouldn't like that either. take care of it so you can enjoy what you do and by then your LA should be better.

H2Ogirl said...

I love organization. . it leads to more sewing.

Kathy said...

well tax procrastinator,you are also an organizing procrastinator so now you are forced to go through those patterns and figure out which ones you really are going to keep and which ones you can get rid of. I would think a little machine sewing would not be an issue but you would need someone to cut stuff out for you-rotary cutting will make it worse too.

Alycia said...

Sorry about your elbow, hope it gets better soon, did he say NO to the fabric buying too?

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Quilter's Elbow? That's a new one. Hope it feels better soon. Maybe it's just a good reason to organize. Making lemonade!