Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quilters With Heart

What a joy today to spend the afternoon with my good friends. We met at Joyce's house again because Joe will be home till after Easter recovering from his surgery.

Playing with fabric today were Jeanne, Debbie, Amy, Joyce and me. We were so happy that Lynnette stopped by for a quick visit donning her beautiful blue cast. We were all thinking about Susan visiting the PNW and Elaine recovering from surgery.

We are still working to empty the bin of florals. We ironed and cut fabrics for a new project which Debbie worked on. Jeanne worked on a boatload of pet beds. And Amy worked on the Yellow Alternating Four Patch.

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elaine said...

Oh No!! no sewing for at least a month. Soooooosorry. but the good thing is if you listen to the dr. you'll be able to sew again. In the meantime, organizing your patterns etc is a good thing. It makes it easy for us when we're looking for a pattern LOL LOL
Blessings to you and yours for Easter. See you soon.