Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Retail Therapy

My "tennis elbow" continues to afflict me. I have decided that since I have been sewing for a million many years without any problems but then as soon as I start crocheting I get an elbow problem, it must be the crocheting. So, with sadness, I have decided to make no more dishrags. I know, how will the world survive.

But as I lament my forced down time, I finally gave in to the intense pressure put upon me by my many friends someone - I shopped for fabric!! I went to Fabric.com and had a very good time surfing the site. THIRTY THREE YARDS LATER, it could have been worse - really.

First I got 13 yards of Navy Kona Cotton and 4 yards of Wheat Kona Cotton.

These will be used to make a Notre Dame quilt for ds #4 who will be attending there this fall.

Then I browsed thru the special Royal Sale they were having to celebrate the big wedding. I was looking for fabrics to make casserole carriers like the ones HERE, HERE and HERE. I browsed thru the whole site and repeatedly clicked "add to cart". When I finally went to check out, I had chosen enough fabrics to make 31 casserole carriers. Hmmm, a few too many. So I was a good girl and removed many fabrics from my cart and ended up with these.

I think they will work up nicely. I also bought 20 yards of webbing for the handles. I hope to make these as my Christmas presents for friends and coworkers this year.

I'm not looking forward making my stash report next week.


Kathy said...

well I am a wee bit disappointed that I will not be getting a dishrag for christmas but if it keeps you from shopping then I will survive. Hope that ends up being the cause. Did you get that cortizone shot?

Mary said...

Sorry you had to resort to Retail Therapy. I wish I didn't feel so guilty buying fabric this year. It's much more fun to use it up! How did the meandering go, one armed?