Monday, May 9, 2011

Design Wall Monday - 5/9/11

It's been two weeks since my last post. No sewing going on here because of the stupid elbow but the good news is that Olga, the Millenium, is home. I haven't opened the box yet but APQS promises me that she will be as good as new. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

So, I can't cut, iron or crochet but I'm thinking I can machine quilt lefty. I am certainly not the most proficient machine quilter in the world but I have had my LA for 10 years and I know I can do a meander one handed so I am going to tackle that this week on my UFO #9.

With my luck I will get "tennis elbow" in the left arm. LOL So I will start out doing only one pass at a time to be extra careful.

This should work up to a nice little charity quilt.

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Kate said...

Hope the elbow gets better soon. I'd be at wits end if I couldn't sew! Love the brights and white in your UFO #9.

Mary said...

Take it slow and I'm sure you can get it done. Have fun getting re-aquainted with Olga.

Kathy said...

This has to be so very frustrating for you-wish I was closer so I could help out. Take your time-Olga is glad to be back home I am sure.

Chris said...

Hope you are better soon. With a little practice, you will do fine with your left hand. Everyone should aspire to be left handed LOL ;)