Wednesday, June 8, 2011


After wondering and googling about what color indigo actually is, I am probably now more confused than ever.

Crayola has it as a purplish blue:

 Kona Cotton has it as  darker than navy blue:


This is an Indigo bush:

 And how about Indigo by Lancome:


 And I now know there is a Texas Indigo Snake. Look at that beautiful blue pattern:

So I decided *MY* indigo challenge project would be mostly dark blue, some purples and some purplish blues - dark and light. (The green is the cutting mat) And I think they all look great together.  And since we don't allow quilt police in this challenge, I am very happy to go with it. These would be one side of a tote.

The plan is to complete this project during our 4 day retreat. Yes, 4 day retreat! Can't wait.


Mary said...

You're so smart to go with a small project for the Monochromatic Challenge. Have fun on your retreat! I usually would be going on one next week-end. But I feel I can't be gone every Father's Day. The family sort of frowns on me not making Sunday Dinner.

Jackie said...

Yes, I guess indigo can wear many faces. But it is beautiful in everyone. Your project will look wonderful. Enjoy your retreat!!

scraphappy said...

What a lovely collection of blues. They all look great together. Enjoy your retreat. What a fun way to spend 4 days. I hope you get lots done.