Monday, February 3, 2014

Design Wall Monday

  • Winter Solstice BOM - block #2
  • Wonky log cabin block for guild meeting  DONE  2/6
  • Rainbow Scrap Challenge - two bags DONE 2/14
  • Notre Dame quilt - quilted and bound
  • Dad's Memorial quilt - top finished and quilted Top Done 2/14
  • Quilt Beyond Borders quilt - top completed  DONE  2/6, second one 2/14
  • Homespun Bear Paws - top completed  DONE  2/5
  • Quilt for brother - shirts deconstructed, tumblers cut
  • Pillowcase charity fabrics organized and put away

I am very happy to have finished the Homespun Bear Paw quilt top today. It's at least a 15 year old UFO so....Yippee!!!! I couldn't take a picture today as it was dark and snowy all day. Maybe tomorrow I'll take it out and lay it on the snow. Until then this is the top almost finished.

Today I also started the new string blocks for my dad's memorial quilt. I am much happier with the new center fabric. I got 7 blocks made. It's a start.

New blue gray center
Oh I also reversed the order of the black and cream stripes. I'm still not sure which I like better but I'm sticking with the new.

These blue centers were just too bright.

Then I pulled my pink scraps for the RSC. I had guessed it would be pink. Maybe I should have bet on the Super Bowl also. :)  I got the pink scraps ironed and will run them thru the GO tonight during TV time. These are some old, yucky fabrics - from the days of SoFro/House of Fabrics even.

I'm thrilled to cut them all into 1 1/2" strips and then whatever is left after my scrap project will go toward a postage stamp type project. My plan is to make two bags each month - one set in each chosen color. Then come Christmas time I'll have 12 sets. So far I have the blue set ready to go. Those were also very old, yucky fabrics but cut up small enough and paired with bright white, I love how they came out.

I've been using a huge stack of juvenile 5" charms as a leader/ender project. They're getting paired with a cute light fabric and I'm surprised at how quickly it's coming together. These tops will go to QuiltsBeyondBorders.

Here's to a productive February.
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Karen Rowland said...

I love your Bear Paw quilt. Doesn't it feel good to finish an older project?

Mary said...

It will look nice on the snow. I hope your February is productive for you. Cute 4 patches too.

Ramona said...

You have been busy! Love your bear paw quilt. And the bags are too cute.

Anonymous said...

I love your homespun bear paw quilt. 15 years, cheers to getting some of those wips done.