Friday, March 28, 2014

And so it begins

Dh left for his conference so I have 5 days to accomplish the following:
  • Notre Dame quilt - quilt
  • Winter Solstice BOM - block #3
  • Dad's memorial quilt - quilt and bind
  • Tumbler quilt - cut out and sewn - borders needed
  • Jennifer Paganelli UFO - top completed
  • Mount backing for four charity quilt tops

Today I worked on the Tumbler quilt for my brother. It is made from shirts I picked up at local thrift stores. I love the variety I can get by using shirts but certainly am not saving a heck of a lot of money by shopping thrift stores around here. These shirts sold for any where between $6 and $10 each. I also picked up some homespun yardage to use as main border and included that fabric in the body of the quilt. I had deconstructed the shirts a few weeks ago but hadn't cut the tumbler pieces. Got that done this morning with the GO cutter while my great nephew, Eddie, played (I babysit him every Thursday).

While he napped I got some of the rows pieced and then finished the body of the quilt this evening.

I plan to attach the borders tomorrow but as I now look at the picture below I am questioning the choice of the off white first border. Is it boring? Predictable? Should I go with something more colorful - red? green?

Now, I have a very specific list of things I want to accomplish this weekend, not even including the tax prep I MUST do. So why did I start this?

This is using 2 inch squares that were all precut in a bin just waiting for the insanity to hit me, some of them were already sewn in pairs. And I did it all as leader/enders with the tumbler quilt, so I can justify that it wasn't time taken away from other projects but I know better. 100 2 inch charms = 15 inch block. I would like this finished quilt to be at least for one of the queen guest beds or maybe even for our king bed.  I would also like to make a checkerboard postage stamp quilt using my 1 1/2 inch charms and Kona Cotton Snow. But since the Kona needs to be purchased and I'm on a fabric buying fast, I started this project first. In neither project will I be trying to not repeat fabrics. And so it begins, a postage stamp quilt - one block done, at least 48 to go? hahaha

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M-R Charbonneau said...

I'm such a leader/ender fan! Great job on the tumbler, Melinda. Good luck with your list!

Kelly @ Sew With Kelly said...

Wow, the postage stamp quilt is a biiiiig project, but it will be so wonderful when you get it done!

Mary said...

Love the Tumbler's that would be a quick one to make with shirts. I only buy the color of the week tagged shirts at our thrift store. They are 1/2 off if you can find them. DH likes when I go shopping there, that means he gets to wear the new shirts first.

A Nudge said...

Oh, I know just how a new project can sneek in. Think red would really jazz up that plaid quilt - but then I'm partial to red. Good luck on your list - you can do it!

Leanne Parsons said...

Love those tumblers! I think the white looks nice. Red would maybe give it more pizzazz, though. Have fun playing around. Thanks for linking with TGIFF.

Nancy said...

Ohh, I love the combination of plaids in your tumbler quilt. I also love the bright squares. Best wishes to get everything done you hope to this weekend!

katie z. said...

I like the off white border first. Maybe it is predictable, but it's lovely.