Saturday, May 17, 2014

ScrapHappy Saturday

No big changes here, I am working on Christmas gifts each month by making cosmetic/t oiletry bags in the color chosen by Angela for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. So far I have kept up with the challenge and made a pair of bags each month.

Blue, Pink, Teal, Purple bags

This month's color is Green. Does it sometimes surprise you the fabrics that you have the most and least of? I was definitely surprised when I went to my green scrap bin (and these are truly scraps - nothing bigger than maybe 4"x12"). Lots and lots of green. I sat with my GO cutter in front of the TV and cut about half of the scraps into 1 1/2" strips. Then I mindlessly sewed them to 1 1/2" white strips.

Hmm, seemed like I had an awful lot of strips paired up. Off to the GO again to cross cut them into cute little twosies. (I know I could keep pairing the strip sets and then cross cut but I want these really random and scrappy.)

Back to machine and, sure enough, I had gone way over board in the original cutting of scraps and could now make TWO sets of bags. Woohoo! Not that green is my favorite color but now I'll be that much more ahead of myself with Christmas gifting.

The "fabric" is made for these bags and I will kit it up to take to retreat at the end of the month.  Lots more kitting to do.

Check out other RSC progress at SoScrappy.



Nell's Quilts said...

So many lovely greens and enough for two sets! I'll have to think of projects for gift giving next year. Such a great use of scraps and quilting time.

scraphappy said...

You will be so ahead of the game at Christmas. Glad you found so many greens to put to good use. Maybe you will even have an extra bag for you.