Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Where are your PIGS hiding?

Over at Ramblings of a Fabric and Yarn Obsessor, Jill is hosting a Year of the PIGS challenge. A couple of times a month she will be posting questions about our PIGS and UFOs. It should be an eye opening experience and I'm hoping it challenges us to let those PIGS out and find good homes.

Today Jill asked: How do you store your UFOs and PIGS separate from your fabric stash? Hmmm, not a well as I'd like. I'm an messy organizational freak. Is that an oxymoron? I need my things to be completely organized and if they can't be then they get piled up until they can be. So I'm very organized except for the messes. LOL Does that make sense? In my dream of dreams I'd have a huge wall of drawers for the UFOs and projects that I have pulled fabrics for. But a) I don't have the space and b) couldn't justify the expense (well, if I had the space I'd work on the justification). So I have many different containers for my projects to fit the many different locations I have them stashed.

I have all competed tops, waiting to be quilted, in wired cubes next to the long arm.
Under the longarm is most bins of batting and tools but I have room for a few containers for UFOs

Under the table next to my sewing machine I have 20 containers.

On the table next to my sewing machine I have "shoe" organizers holding my nickels and strips (out of picture to the left of the nickels. I have UFOs and PIGS in the cardboard organizer.

Just looking at all the UFOs to take the pics makes me want to work on them.
So many projects, so little time.


Kathy said...

Melinda-I love seeing your stuff and knowing you Iknow exactly what you mean about being a messy organized person or was that organized in a messy way-lol.
In looking for ufo's to work on this saturday at girls sewing i actually threw out some stuff.Yes I know throw out fabric you say but it is really old,old stuff. I did bag up three zip lock bags for a friend who does only scrappy quilts many of which she donates.
Thanks for sharing

Deanna said...

Wow! You have a stash to envy. I bet it looks better and better as the year of PIGS moves along.

Hanswife said...

wow if that is messy I would hate for you to visit. I am sure that stash didn't happen overnight either. I am so afraid that I will let the fabric overcome the creations that I am being very careful about what is added but the more I witness those of you with a healthy stash I am wondering. thanks for the inspiration.
Julie Ann

Melinda said...

Thanks Kathy and Deanna. Hanswife, I guess you didn't scroll down to the "Cleaning the sewing room" post. I haven't made any progress since then.

Mary said...

We must be related...I am a cluttered crafter and I like to have it sorted and organized, too.
I'm calling mine a "fabric Collection" now...