Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sewing Room cleanup - Stage 3

I am making real progress in my sewing room and I now have the ironing counter cleared off. It is a joy to be in there sewing again.

Now don't be too impressed. I did put away a HUGE amount of stuff but all fabrics from the three cleanup stages so far have been piled up.
The fabric cleanup will be the very last project - no sense pulling out all the bins and drawers more than once. So, once I'm sure all of the fabric has been gathered then I'll tackle these piles. My fat quarters are hiding behind the fabric mounds.

Next up - Organize the UFOs and PIGS.

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Kathy said...

boy you are really going to town on this clean up-so proud of you. Now when you go through the fabric make sure you toss/donate any fabric you know you will NEVER use. I did and it is very cathartic.