Friday, May 27, 2011

Quilters with Heart

The Friday afternoon quilters met today. Debbie quilted the cute little quilt she got for $5 at a yard sale. The rest of us worked on finishing up two tops - still trying to finish up the bin of florals. I think we have made at least 10 quilts from that bin and those florals just won't go away.
Today's quilters were Jeanne, Joyce, Debbie, Amy and, special quest star, Roe. Roe is a quilting friend from many years back at a local quilt shop. It was such a joy to see her today. We hope she continues to join us on Fridays.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I did it, I finally did it!!!

Remember this pile of fabric from January? I had worked on cleaning up the sewing room (a never ending battle it appears) and it was all but completed except for the pile of fabrics that needed to be put away.

Well, it had only gotten worse, much worse (sorry, no pic). I have collected alot of fabric for baby girl sewing but haven't been able to do alot of sewing so that fabric was piling up. And that retail therapy shopping caused quite a pile.

But today I finally put it all away and it now looks like this. Woohoo!

I am sooo excited because all of my workspaces are now cleared off. 
Ironing counter? CLEAR!
Sewing table? CLEAR!
Cutting/Work counter? FINALLY CLEAR!

And I can see and access my fat quarters. Aren't they beautiful all organized and nicely folded? Now I need to get this dang elbow to cooperate so I can use some of these beautiful fat quarters.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Design Wall Monday

The month of May is quickly moving along and today was the first day I've thought about the Monochromatic Challenge. I am combining this challenge with the Christmas gift sewing on the 25th this month. I am going to make another Chubby Charmer to have ready for a gift come Christmas time.

This is one I've been using. It's great for going back and forth to sewing days and I especially love to use it when I travel. It's the perfect size for your "personal" item. It easily holds my book, neck pillow, camera, iPod, etc. The main thing I change from the pattern is I use 4 1/2" charms instead of 5.


Last month I made one out of strips for the brown challenge. That one didn't last very long in the gift closet. I gave it to DS #3's girl friend for her birthday.

So this month I will make a red one. I'm still nursing my elbow so today I only gathered the red charms. I'm not sure about all the fabrics. Now that I'm looking at the pic, I think I'll go with some repeats and take out some of the fabrics that are bothering me. And I need to still find a fabric for the handles and lining. Maybe tomorrow.

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