Monday, January 27, 2014

Design Wall Monday

I've been finding more time than usual for sewing and was able to work on several of my projects. As January winds down I'm happy with what I've accomplished considering how sick I was at the beginning of the month.

The January block of the month got finished and I got all of the pieces cut out for the February block. I'm looking forward to working on that soon.

My Rainbow Scrap Challenge project got finished. I have lots and lots of scraps ready for future months - just waiting to hear what our next color will be to work on.

I made some nice progress on the memorial quilt for my dad. My mom had given me some of his shirts. Some of them just weren't appropriate or usable for various reasons and I was left with only four shirts to use. After lots of thought I decided to make a variation of a string block.

These colors are off - taken in my cave
The center blue strip (2.5" cut) is fabric from stash. Then there is Kona Snow on each side (1.5" cut) and Kona Black (1" cut). Then I took all four shirts and cut as many 6.5" squares as possible. I took those squares and cut them on the diagonal. These are the outer triangle pieces of the blocks.

Now that I'm seeing this picture the blue looks shockingly bright. But in reality it's not that bright. And I chose the blue cuz it was my dad's favorite color and I was wanting  to cheer up the quilt as the shirts are all rather drab. But now I'm second quessing. These blocks may become pillows and I may look for something a bit more subtle. I just don't want this quilt to be drab and depressing. It is a memorial quilt after all and could be depressing in itself.

I did start a new project this week after learning about QuiltsBeyondBorders. I'll be making a simple checkerboard type pattern using my huge stash of bright/juvenile nickels paired with a simple background fabric for the alternate squares. I'm doing this as a leader/ender project and already have most of the "twos" sewn together.

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Cathy said...

That first picture of your quilt block, a star variation or a snowflake, is gorgeous. What a challenging block to do. As for your Dad's memorial quilt, I like the bright blue in it.

Gina said...

I love the fabrics used in the star block. Great choice xx

Quilting Nonnie said...

So glad you found some time to quilt the last little bit. I absolutely love the plaid string block quilt. It's a wonderful design and the placement of fabric is so clever. The star is amazing. I'm in RSC also!