Sunday, January 19, 2014

Stash Report

Fabric. Soft, beautiful, and so much to do with it. There is always new, even more beautiful fabric coming on the market, so you need to keep buying it, right? Well, if you're stacking fabric on the treadmill because you are overflowing the space you have for it, you have to stop buying fabric. If you would have to live to be 120 years old to use up all of your fabric, you have to stop buying fabric. I have known for quite awhile that I need no more fabric and this is the year that I use what I have! So, I've joined Fabriholics Anonymous and I will also be keeping a stash report and reporting to Patchwork Times. I'm hoping that I will be pushing myself to finish up projects so I am able to report fabric "used"!

I will report fabric used when I finish a top - if scrappy I will weigh the top and use the estimate of 1 lb equaling about 4 yards of fabric. I will then again report fabric used when a quilt is finished - backing and binding. Also non quilts will be reported when fully completed.

This week I completed one toiletry bag. 1/4 yard!!!

Purchased this week - 0 yards
Purchased year to date - 0 yards

Used this week - 1/4 yard
Used year to date - 1/4 yard

Net - 1/4 yard used :) It's a start.

Check out other stash reports at Patchwork Times.


Dee Dee said...

Great goal of no buying any new fabric! I like the idea about weighing scrappy quilts. I will give a try on my next quilt. Your zipper bag is sweet.

Cheryl said...

I never think about the fabric used in bags and totes....I count table runners and the occasional hot pad, but somehow have just skipped over those non-quilty items. I will be re-thinking this in the future. A quarter yard is a good start, and your bag is a real cutie.
I hope you succeed in your no buy quest. I still buy on occasion but not near the rampant buying of years ago...stash report has helped immensely.

WyoPat said...

Nice bag! I think I'll try weighing a scrappy top to see how it compares with the method I've been using (

Theresa said...

Love your bag and well done on no buying this month :D