Friday, January 3, 2014

May be able to sew tomorrow

I worked in the sewing room today for one hour - watched two episodes of Nurse Jackie, season 1.

SHELVES #1: (Fabrics under one yard and UFO project boxes)
Progress, one baby step at a time. And no, those are not the only UFO project boxes.


Mary said...

Looking better. I hope you have something fun to sew. You have quite a STASH!

elewys said...

Looks great, Melinda! I need to do the same in my sewing space. The whole house was sprinkled with my sewing stuff, and when we had family over for Christmas, it all had to come back to the loft...and what a mess it is! I'd love to get some Billy bookshelves, but I'd need to save a space for a desk, too. Plans are afoot... <3 Karen

Teri said...

That is serious progress for only one hour. It will be inspiring before you know it.