Friday, March 25, 2011

It's been a while

I've been a baaaaad blogger but for a good reason. Tim, Nicole and Paige came up for a wonderful 10 day visit.
I now believe what everyone has always said about grandchildren being so much better than having children. I was either holding her or staring at her. Although I helped with the cranky hours, I just felt none of the stress that the parents did - of course it certainly helps that I always got a good night's sleep. :)

The best news for them is that Tim finally got the job with the Secret Service. It was a very long process but he starts in June so they will be moving to DC. Much closer to CT than FL has been. WooHoo!! I took them down to VA to look at apartments and then they flew home from there. I had a five hour drive back to CT so I knew I would need to stop someplace for a break. Joanns in West Deptford, NJ seemed like the perfect place to stop. ;) I picked up some more patterns to make Paige sundresses and one piece bloomers. Of course, I had to buy fabric for those things too. Well, I did, that's my story and I'm sticking with it.

So these are planned, so far:
Hmmmm, I'd better get started.


Mary said...

She'll be the best dressed in DC! Nice choices G-ma! I love all of mine, even if there is only four girls. The boys are so fun to make superman capes and spiderman quilts for.

Kathy said...

She is gorgeous Melinda. Mine just left after a short visit but its great to have her run in and give me a big hug and kiss-even if she can't quite get "grandma" out. It actually sounds more like grandpa but Ed is Papa Eddie who she calls Poppi. Once you get sewing let me know which pattern is sort of easy so I can maybe make soemthing for katerina.

AmyCT said...

Hi Melinda, just catching up and Paige is just precious. I love that picture. Can't believe how quickly she has changed and grown!!