Thursday, March 31, 2011

Poor Doenja

First my long arm and now my dog. I took my Rottweiller, Doenja,
to the vet today because she appeared to be restless and was panting more than usual. The vet agreed that she appeared uncomfortable so he took her back to do several tests - blood, urine and xrays. He came out to the waiting room and told me that she was very sick with her chest and abdomen filled with fluid. He sent us off, STAT, to the referral/specialist hospital where she has had more xrays, ultrasounds and had the fluid drained. She is now in the ICU with chest tubes. They expect her to be there for at least the next several days while they figure out what's wrong with her.

And here I hesitated taking her to the vet for fear that I was overreacting. I guess it's a good thing we know our pets so well.

We are missing her and hoping she comes home healthy soon.
And yes, she is a long haired Rottweiler.


Kathy said...

Oh melinda-I hope they find out what is wrong with your dog.It's so hard when they can't tell you whats wrong to know whether to take them or not. I love that picture of Patrick with his buddy.

scraphappy said...

I hope Olga and Doenja are both on the mend soon.

elaine said...

Hi: Yeah, I think I got it. Hope you get this.
Been thinking about and praying for Doenja and Joe. Hope it's going okay. When you get a minute, let me know.

Marti said...

I'm so glad you did know her well enough to think something was wrong. I hope it is nothing serious and she is home soon. She looks so sweet sitting there on the sofa.

Alycia said...

Poor Sweetie, I hate it when our dogs are sick. GOod thing you were paying attention. Hugs to you!!