Friday, March 11, 2011

Quilters With Heart

We had a great day today of fellowship, show and tell, chocolate, oh yeah, and sewing.

First for the show and tell. Susan finished her BOM star quilt. OMGoodness, this quilt is absolutely gorgeous. No picture could do it justice. Bravo, Susan!

With Olga, the long arm, on sick leave, we all focused on binding.
Debbie, Susan and Jeanne were binding stitchers
Joyce was a binding maker
Do you notice how my being the photographer keeps me out of the pictures? hehe

Most of us took home a quilt to finish up the stitching at home but this Quilt of Valor is finished.

For various reasons, I won't be able to stitch with the group for several weeks. Have fun at Joyce's house, ladies.

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Alycia said...

Beautiful quilts. That crumb quilt is very neat. And the Quilt of Valor will be loved - I just know it. But where was the chocolate??? I couldn't see it.