Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Customer Service

My new favorite company is Fiskars. A while back I mentioned to my Friday quilting friends that I was frustrated because all of my Fiskars rotary cutters would collapse if I pushed down too hard on them. I could get them to work if I held down the opening button while I cut but the locking mechanism wouldn't hold. One of the gals (hi Joyce) told me to go to the Fiskars site to get the information about getting the cutters replaced. Really? I had three of them and they were all many years old. "Doesn't matter", she said. I was skeptical but I said I would check it out.

Sure enough!!!! I read to email them a picture of my cutters.
The next day I received an email back that they would be replacing my cutters. What!?!
This is what arrived a few days later.
They were all brand new, in packaging, but I forgot to take a picture before I excitedly opened the package. Even an extra blade.
Fiskars is my new favorite company. Great customer service. And I love my new cutters.


Mary said...

I got the same good service when my nippers safety clip broke. Glad to hear they treat everybody well. That's why we buy from their company.

Kathy said...

I prefer the olfa ones and I only use the ones that are ergonomically correct and open and close with me vs a button. I like the look of these though-might consider changing things up a bit.

Ye Merrie Quilter said...

I've tried several different cutters, but I prefer Olfa. It's nice to know they'll take care of their customers.

jillquilts said...

That is AWESOME!!