Thursday, March 10, 2011

Year of the PIGS - 3/9/11

Jill, over at Ramblings of a Fabric andYarn Obsessor, has asked these questions about our sewing space, "Do you have a separate room all to yourself? Are you a little (or a lot) messy or Princess of Tidy? Are there things that you find a hindrance to your sewing mojo like no place to put an iron but on the other side of the room from your machine or a lack of storage of tools that just create more clutter to trip over? Share your frustrations and maybe we can supply a suggestion or two.

About 15 years ago my wonderful husband had a room finished for me in the unfinished part of our basement. I think it was for my 40th birthday. It was my best present ever! I feel so lucky to have a designated space for my hobbying (blogger is saying that isn't a proper word but I'm leaving it as is). Before that I had things stashed in every closet and under every bed and I could never find anything when I needed it. Plus I was working at the kitchen table which, with four growing boys in the house, needed to be cleaned up every night so we could eat dinner. So, now I have my own space. I say that I have an organized mess. My organizational systems stay very neat and organized but my work spaces can get very, very cluttered with projects and project remnants.

I love that I have this space. I have crammed a myriad of organizational products in there to allow me to best store and access all of my great stuff.  First and foremost, I was gifted a full set of kitchen cabinets that a girl friend was replacing. WOW, what a windfall! I bought a new countertop and have more than a full wall of upper and lower cabinets and a workspace to sit at and do my cutting.

I had one remaining lower cabinet which had a counter top (ugly but didn't matter). I covered it with that reflective batting stuff and ticking to make a nice big ironing surface - well, it is when I keep it clear of $%*#(@^. Right now it is relatively clear.

The room is surrounded by bookcases for, well, books, 

storage units for bins of fabric by color,

a very large closet for fabric yardage,

shoe organizers for fqs, nickels and strings,
fat quarters
2 1/2" strips
and lots of drawers and boxes for UFOs.
Tops waiting for quilting
OK, if you are still reading you can see I have squeezed a lot of great stuff into my dungeon. Yup, I call it my dungeon. Which hints at the problem. It is in the basement and has no windows. My dream sewing space would be in one of those big rooms over a double garage. But in this particular house, I am happy to have the room that I have. I just have a hard time getting excited about going down there. It's away from everything and everyone. I wouldn't ever complain because I feel so lucky to have it. And once I'm down there I am fine, but I often waste the day procrastinating about going down there.

Go HERE to read about others' sewing spaces.


Kathy said...

ok so you sew during the day while Patrick is at school and hubby is at work-so no reason to not go downstairs to sew now is there???? Get yourself one of those lights that people get when they have sun deprevation syndrome which mimics the sun. I think we should have a ufo swap swap-I'll take one of yours and you take one of mine.

Mary said...

My family calls mine the "woman cave". It's my Zone, I use the whole basement, but am not as organized, YET. I'm a work in progress. Only my UFO's are Organized.

Tracy said...

I totally understand about the 4 boys...I also had 4 and the youngest is still at home yet.
Your stash puts mine totally to shame! I have stash envy!
I kinda like having my room out of the traffic...I get interrupted if I'm too easily accessible! I would like a TV/DVD player for my room yet.

jillquilts said...

Love your space! It does look organized, but I was worried when I saw the first pic! It looks like there is a method to your 'madness' and I think it would be a fun area to sew in! Woo hoo for hubbies gifting space! :)

Deanna said...

WOW! That is an impressive stash, and impressively organized.

Hanswife said...

I would have to be forced out of that space. I would just sit and look at all those fabrics all day. I love the organized storage you have but wow what a group of UFO's I think you win