Saturday, March 26, 2011

Year of the PIGS - 3/26/11

So this week Jill asked, " Is there anything that you can do for or change in your sewing area to encourage your creativity? Something that you saw on someone else's post that you think would work for you? Inspiration that you got from somewhere else?"

I think my creativity is hampered by 2 things: my lack of a design wall and my hesitancy to install EQ. I just haven't thought I have the space for a design wall but this week I saw Judy D's design wall set up and I knew it was the answer for my sewing room. She hung a curtain rod over a set of cabinets. She can take the pole down and slip it through a sleeve sewn into a flannel table cloth. I can easily do that with my cabinets.
Problem solved. Well, solved once I get around to actually doing it. :)

The EQ issue is procrastination and fear that my already slow computer doesn't need another excuse to be even slower. I've had the program for years - probably long ago obsolete and updated. But I have seen so many people being so successful with it that I really need to "Just Do It".

So those are my creativity hangups. What are yours? Check out others' at Ramblings of a Fabric and Yarn Obsessor.


Kathy said...

Ok no more excuses. Get something to set up your design wall and go and get a new computer.They are not that expensive anymore and you deserve it(in case you doubt it). I know you have lots of expenses-Patrick college,work on the roof, and so the list goes on. This would make you so very happy and you could install EQ on it.Do it before Patrick leaves for school so he can get it all set up for you.

Tracy said...

I just bought EQ7 and as is my usual, I start playing around with it and read the directions later...when I have a question I can't figure out the answer to! This version does come with videos to explain the basics so I've watched a few.

Deanna said...

Your design wall idea sounds really good, and affordable, too.

EQ is something I am not interested in. I don't really know why, but I can live without it. Maybe because math is something I enjoy. I will be interested to hear how you like it when you do get it.

Anonymous said...

The design wall makes such a difference. As for EQ, you could easily wind up spending more time on the computer than stitching, so that's a wash, maybe.