Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Poor Olga

I love my APQS Millenium long arm. Her name is Olga after my dear grandmother. Nana was an incredible seamstress and made EVERY SINGLE STITCH of clothing and coats she owned, except her undergarments. She didn't make quilts but I know, if she were still alive, she would be so happy to see my love of sewing and quilting.

Olga has been struggling lately and then suddenly she gave up the fight. I spoke with the support tech at APQS but they felt she needed a visit to their shop for some tender loving care. So the empty box they sent me to ship her in finally arrived (Olga arrived 10 years ago in a large wooden crate - no longer the choice of shipping) and I had to take her apart and send her away. :(
I sure hope she is feeling better when she comes home.

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Elaine said...

Hope Olga is better soon.