Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Not surprised

No one guessed how ds, Brian, totaled his girlfriend's car. Texting seemed to be the number one thought and I know our younger population is at a much greater risk since cell phones have been added to the mix. I don't know if he texts and drives but that's not how it happened.

They had just left Yellowstone National Park.
It was pitch dark, rainy, and a car coming at them had it's brights on when they slammed into a....
They were going 50mph in a 70 zone and Brian said he never saw the buffalo and thought they had hit a wall. Thankfully, the buffalo died immediately and didn't suffer. And thank God, the kids were relatively OK.

For those of you, like me, that need a little perspective on the size of a buffalo next to a car.
When you live in Connecticut, the thought of hitting a buffalo is pretty far fetched. LOL


Kathy said...

seeing that buffalo next to the car was scary-so glad Brian and his girlfriend are ok.They were very lucky.

Alycia said...

Oh my gosh - they are so lucky they were okay. We had a steer get out on the highway and a semi hit it, then a car - and the car was totaled. So glad your kiddo is okay! What a scary night.